Season 2 Episode 9: The Head-Band of Brothers

Tonight on the ‘Cast…Bennett’s back baby! The ‘cast reunites with the one and only Bennett “DJ B-Ross” who started it all with us back in Season 1.

We’ll discuss Houston’s last five opponents: Pistons, Bucks, Mavs, Pelicans and Spurs, as well the lucky charm that is J Smoove.

We play “If the Rockets Were…Holidays!’, breakdown the team’s biggest weaknesses – lack of consistent 3 point shooter or true point guard? – and more!

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Go Rockets, beat OKC!


Season 2 Episode 8: No More Parties in LA!

Tonight on the ‘Cast…We are joined by special guest Kevin Cook from The Weekly Brew podcast!

We discuss the three games since last week: A deflating loss to the Cavs, an ego boosting win vs the Lakers, and a rousing over time loss vs the Clippers…

We play “If the Rockets Were…90s TV shows!”, answer some listener questions – including trade rumors – and talk about our trip to Staples Center.

All this and more on the Houston Rocket’s #1 Fan-Cast!

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Season 2 Episode 7: Five Wins in a Row!

We’re back with the first ‘Cast of 2016!!!  After the holiday hiatus, the crew is reunited to get back to business and talk Rockets basketball!

We start by briefly going over the games we missed, including the 4 game losing streak that started the New Year.  Then, on a much happier note, we dive into how we turned things around with a 5 game winning streak that we are currently enjoying.  Including 2 victories over the Jazz, OT thriller with the Pacers, and back to back wins over the Grizzlies and the Timberwolves.

In honor of legend David Bowie passing away this week, we play “If the Rockets Were…David Bowie Songs!”, answer some listener questions, and make some predictions for the next four games.

All this and more in your favorite Houston Rockets Basketball Podcast!

Thanks for listening!

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Go Rockets!