Season 2 Episode 3: Thanksgiving Day Special

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We’re dropping a special holiday episode to commemorate the Rockets 0-3 record this past week! Whooo!

So grab a slice of pecan pie and join us as we discuss what went wrong this past week, why we lost last night against the Grizz’ (again)  and if you haven’t guessed by now, ‘if the Rockets were’ – wait for it – Thanksgiving day foods!

Season 2 Episode 2: Bickerstaff Begins

It’s Season 2 Episode 2 of the Houston Rocks It Podcast!


The Rockets Win!!!! We beat the Blazers 108-103 in OVERTIME!!!  The only news bigger then snapping a three game losing streak is firing Head Coach Kevin McHale.  In a jam packed episode, J-leezy, The Coach, and Deezy commemorate the McHale era, talk about the HUGE overtime win, and predict the future of the Rockets and who will be leading the charge.


We also play If the Rockets Were…James Bond Movies!! And give our predictions of the next 3 games.


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Season 2 Begins…NOW!

Helloooo everyone. Quick announcement. Ahem.


Yes that’s right; your drives to work, your jogs around the bayou city and even your lonely walks at lunchtime re-listening to old episodes of the ‘cast just got way less depressing because we’re back! And we’re going to be coming to you fresh off the stove once a week with anecdotes and fan talk and more anecdotes and more fan talk.

Whew. Take a breath.

In this episode we’re recapping the games we missed (3-3), the game we went to (Clippers) and the game we had no business losing but is anyone really surprised (Nets)? So stick around, we’re so excited to be back and share our love for the Rockets with you, let’s go H-Town!!!