EP17 – Curry, Curry’s Mom, Daughter & Wife Advance to Finals

And so, the Houston Rocket’s journey into the playoff wilderness has come to an end. In our final cast, we’ll deliver a Eulogy for the ages and lay the team to rest, postulate if the Rockets were SNL characters and look ahead to next season – – can the head-band of brothers survive the off season? Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in to support the podcast and thanks to all our guests too! Remember Rockets fans, “What is Dead May Never Die.” We’ll be back!

EP16 – So You’re Saying There’s A Chance

Rockets stave off elimination with their first win (all season) against the Warriors, and the cast of the cast is here to breakdown this huge win for us. Join us and we’ll throw in another in-studio appearance by Grantham Coleman, Seth Rogen and our favorite segment, ‘If the Rockets Were’ fast food restaurants!

EP15 – In a word? !@#$%&!

Rockets lose home court, and likely all hope as Bennett, James, Scott and friend of the show Grantham Coleman break down last night’s…would we call it a game? But all is not lost! Well, it is, BUT, feel better as we poke fun at this team and look ahead to our final game of the season Monday. You don’t want to miss our favorite segment, ‘If the Rockets Were’…Michael Jackson songs!

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EP14 – More Fuel for the Fire

Were you screaming “TIMEOUT” at your screen last night? Pop a Ricola Rockets fans and tune in for the silver lining of last night’s loss with the cast of the ‘cast, plus a special in-studio guest and diehard Rockets fan, Andrew! We’ll break down the last 19seconds of the game, discuss game superstitions and ‘If the Rockets Were…’ famous historical figures!

EP13 – Warriors bruise Rockets: 110-106 (SO CLOSE SON)

Alright Rockets, alright. Bennett, James & Scott discuss last night’s respectable loss to the Warriors and the tweaks we can make to steal Game 2. Plus, an unlikely ‘If The Rockets Were’ segment makes its way onto the cast – find out now! And as always, we’re offering up classic HTown jams to get you amped for Game 2! Let’s go Rockets!

EP11 – Dream Until Your Dreams Come THROUGH!

HOLY WOW! Still reeling from the epic game, James, Bennett and Scott attempt to formulate words after Rockets force game 7 over the Clips, 119-107. Friend of the show Kyle makes a return with another guest, Harry! Plus we’ll play if the Rockets were animals – Check check check it out!

EP10 – Rockets Annihilate Clippers to Stay Alive: 124-103

Rockets stave off an embarrassing playoff elimination by dismantling the Clippers Tuesday – but they’re not out of the woods yet. Join Bennett, James and Scott as they discuss the Game 5 victory last night, what they need to do to win Game 6 in LA and if the Rockets were…alcoholic beverages! Plus, a surprise guest makes an epic appearance on the show!

EP08 – Houston evens the Series 115-109 (Thank God)

The Rockets rallied Wednesday night behind Dwight Howard & the Bench-Boys!…and Harden (kind of). James, Bennett and Scott will break down last night’s come-from-behind victory against the Clippers in typical H-Town chopped an screwed fashion, as well as look ahead to Game 3 in LA. Plus, we’re joined by two — not one but TWO — guests on the show, Cody & Kyle! And we’ll also indulge in our favorite segment, ‘if the Rockets were’…Candy!